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Each year, Midlands Mentoring Partnership (MMP) brings hundreds of youth providers, mentoring professionals, mentors, school personnel, community and business leaders, policymakers, and a wide audience together to focus on best practices for youth mentoring and youth development.  The 5th Annual Midlands Mentoring Partnership Summit & Youth Development Luncheon, held on March 19th, 2014, at the CenturyLink Center in Downtown Omaha, is the result of an innovative collaboration between MMP, the Metropolitan Omaha Educational Consortium (MOEC), and the Buffett Early Childhood Institute (BECI).

This 5th Annual Summit will feature a keynote address by the prominent New York Times best-selling author, Paul Tough.  His latest work, How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity & the Hidden Power of Character, spent 12 weeks on the New York Times’ Best-Sellers list, and makes a case for how as educators, youth service workers, parents, and business owners, we should be paying more attention to the “soft skill” development of our youth.

Keeping this message in mind, MMP is excited to announce the schedule for the breakout sessions that will occur before and after Paul Tough’s luncheon presentation. All sessions will have a strong focus on youth mentoring and youth development:

  • Youth Initiated Mentoring: Benefits, Challenges, & Opportunities
  • Mentoring Youth Reentering our Communities
  • How to Draw your Mentee out of Their Shell
  • Making Your Case Without Breaking Your Bank: Evaluation and Research Strategies for Grassroots Mentoring Programs
  • Youth Advocacy Efforts
  • Working with Culturally Diverse Families
  • Early Childhood Development: The Building Blocks of a Successful Life
  • Building Bridges: Public, Private, and Corporate Partnerships

For more information, or to register for the 5th Annual Midlands Mentoring Partnership Summit & Youth Development Luncheon, please click here, or call 402.715.4175.

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