Take Action for Mentoring

“It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life, and I mentor children myself. It really touches your hear when you start seeing them really wanting to get advice, counsel and also cry to you about things that aren’t going right for them. I think everybody should be a mentor” - Michael Yanney

Thank you for following the Midlands Mentoring Partnership during National Mentoring Month. We appreciate your support in providing quality mentors to Omaha youth. Please read below for continued ways to stay active with the mentoring efforts in Omaha.

10 Ways to be a Change-maker for Mentoring:

  1. Mentor a Child: Make a difference in a child’s life, as well as your own. Mentoring offers benefits like improving self-esteem, keeping kids in school, and preventing risky behaviors.
  2. Attend the Annual Mentor Summit: On Wednesday, March 19th at CenturyLink—or just attend the awards luncheon that day! Add link to registration
  3. Thank a Mentor and send a Thank You note to someone that has mentored you and made a difference in your life.
  4. Sponsor Programs: Whether you donate as an individual or your company supports mentoring, your donations will make a difference!
  5. “Like” MMP on Facebook and help promote our activities with your friends.
  6. Follow “MentorOmaha” or “MentorNebraska” on Twitter.
  7. Attend a Mentor Orientation on March 27th at 5:15 or April 3rd at noon in the MMP Office.  RSVP to wmastin@mmpomaha.org .
  8. Volunteer at the Mentor Summit with registration, lunch seating, selling books, set-up, etc.
  9. Take the Survey: “Find the Right Program for You”.
  10. Continue to follow MMP Omaha and stay tuned in for the March Mentoring Summit and the 2014 Mentor Recruitment Campaign.

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